Beat Your Sleeping Problems!

Everyone suffers from insomnia every now and then. Here are ways how you can combat insomnia if you are currently suffering from it.

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Digital Marketing: Developing An Online Presence

Learn how to up your online presence by learning these few digital marketing tricks.

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Learning Portals to Fit All Your Online Learning Needs

Image via Pixabay

Online learning or education is the creation and production of learning material on the internet. Learners can learn just about anything on the internet at the click of their mouse. Online learning also meant the globalisation of ideas and human interactions, the use of technology to transfer and exchange ideas and whatnot. It also mean providing access to more people. […]

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Skills to Include in Your Resume When Changing Jobs

Having skillsets is important in the work place as it helps you get that job promotion in the future. Learn what are the most sought after hard skills, soft skills, and transferable skills to have in the work place.

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Overcoming the FEAR OF WATER through Swimming Lessons (for Adults)

Aquaphobia, or the fear of water, is a very common phobia.
It is a psychological condition where an individual is afraid of contact with water, in particular large bodies of water and being submerged in it.
In some cases even pictures of oceans or lakes can set off anxiety attacks. Fortunately, overcoming the fear of water can be done by attending proper swimming lessons for adults or kids swimming lesson.

Although the level of fear […]

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POWERFUL Web Design Trends 2019

Do you even care for WEB DESIGN TREND?
Wanna have a REALLY Useful Website?
Follow the trend!
Using responsive design in 2019 is not new.
Since the mobile-friendly Google update in 2015, everyone has been updating their websites to responsive designs that are usable on all major devices.
These include tablets, iPhones, Androids, and laptops. With so many mobile devices on the market, a responsive website is a basic requirement.
Websites with […]

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