Up Your Digital Marketing Game

digital marketing
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Digital Marketing includes any marketing efforts that peruses an electronic device or the internet. Many businesses use the advantages of digital channels to their leverage.

Any online platforms ranging from but not limited to websites, search engines, social media, email marketing. Peruse it to connect with current and prospective customers.

You may be a small business or small enterprise, looking to up your sales. You have tried many ways to up your profits.

Some digital marketing methods failed, whereas some other methods work although expensive in the long run.

For long term benefit, why not learn digital marketing? And use it to your advantage?

There are several aspects of digital marketing that is useful to learn and have for your business.

1. Email Marketing

Most of us are at least an owner of at least one email – for personal, work, or subscription newsletters.

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In a report by Radicati Group, it testifies that by 2020 there will be 3 billion email users. With such a huge reserve of email users, it is indeed a potential pool for you to jump into for your marketing strategy.

Email marketing strategies differ from company to company. Take into account factors such as growth, market demand, and product reception will influence your strategy and marketing campaign.

email marketing
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Have an email marketing that is comprehensive, that can promote the sales of a specific product or service to target your audience.

Although this digital marketing approach is budget-friendly alternative to traditional advertising, it has its downside too.

Your emails can be ignored or be sent to a spam folder. Not everyone has the time and energy to check their non-work related (read: “unimportant”) emails.

2. SEO Ranking

Another way to boost your digital marketing online presence is to embrace Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps pushes your websites’ search presence as high as possible on Google.com (and other search engine result pages [SERP])

seo ranking
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It means when people search for words and phrases, it will rank your website within page 1 of Google.com searches. This only works if the contents on your website have relevant information the searcher is looking for. The higher the SEO ranking, the more traffic you will get to your website.

seo ranking
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SEO has been around long enough for people to understand it is an effective attainment channel. The downside? It has received sour attention for it claiming to deliver on whatever promises, and then failing after that.

To get SEO ranking started, start by having internal links. Internal linking basically mean you link a page within the same site to another page within the same site. It is used most commonly in main navigation.

Internal linking are useful for three reasons: let users explore other parts of a website with easier understanding, establish information hierarchy for given websites, and helps spread links’ ranking power around websites.

Many people will say how external links are better than internal links in digital marketing. They are not wrong. Even then, that does not mean you should neglect internal links.

Internal links guide search engines through your webpages. No internal links, means search engines have a harder time trying to figure out where it should go next.

Not forgetting to mention, it makes it easier for search engines to find your important pages. The harder you make it for search engines, its more probable important pages be missed. That translates into lost traffic, and you don’t want that to happen.

It’s all part and parcel of digital marketing after all.

3. Engaging Contents

When it comes to having a great digital marketing presence, content is king. It’s no point spending all that money for your site not to engage and pull in visitors, right?

exciting content
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Some content marketing sites incorporates guest blogging to fuel their initial growth. By creating around two pieces of work a day and publishing content on high visibility sites. Such method is called growth hacking, and has helped Buffer build their first 100,000 users.

Create and write highly shareable contents. With great content, it shows you are a thought leader. It can lead to unexpected opportunities and gigs.

It attract links. If you want really good blogposts and/or articles on your websites, do get links from high quality sources.

Not forgetting to mention it attracts social shares. It is now a part of SEO ranking and will definitely increase traffic to your site. On top of that, if your digital marketing content is perennial, expect that high flow of traffic to last awhile.

SEO can be a very good weapon for you and your sites. Of course there are many other ways to up your SEO ranking, but those are just a few examples for you to follow.

exciting content
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Like everything else, to get to the top you should not take shortcuts in digital marketing. Keep in mind you are competing with fellow SEO rankers and engineers at Google.

Invest in a long term strategy, value your followers. Research and find out more about SEO, Make digital marketing work for you.

4. Write really mean copies for your websites

Legit do have a really great copy for your websites. With the right words, you can convert those newcomers into followers. It’s one of the many aspects of good digital marketing presence, after all.

writing skills
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If you have the budget, hire a wordsmith. Or not.

If you do not want to hire a wordsmith, it’s great to learn how to write really well for your websites. Writing is a good skill to have in the long run.

Besides the design, your copywriting builds up your brand. The impact your website leaves on your followers all depends on how good you are with your words.

writing skills
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All you need for your copy are clarity, impact, and easy understanding for your readers. Copywriting, moreover, is important for transferring the right messages about your products and services to your customers.

Do keep in mind that formal writing does not always do the trick. Formal, corporate writings can sometimes bore your readers to death.

learn new skills
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Though formal writing looks and sound formal, it can easily backfire. It makes you sound like a robot. Your articles, emails, etc., will go unread and possibly in the trash.

Even your taglines matter. A quick look at most international brands, you can see how creative their taglines are. Stick to the age old rule: keep it sweet and simple.

Incorporate feelings into your writing too. Plus points if it receives emotional responses from your readers and viewers. Digital marketing is a completely different field compared to most other conventional marketing fields.

5. Just pick up a new skill

If you are eager to push your digital marketing presence online (or offline even), it’s good to learn a new skill. Skills that can help aid you in pushing your websites and online pages.

new skills
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Although digital marketing is a field in itself, don’t forget you need to incorporate other methods to make it work. On its own, digital marketing won’t really work.

Most popular skills people are currently learning to attain to increase digital marketing presence are photography skills, videography skills, writing skills, research skills, and whatnot.

Even if you do not currently need it, it is still good to learn it nonetheless. There are plenty of online learning portals at your disposal. Some requires paid subscription, some have free lessons (paid for any other premium contents), whereas some are just completely free.

learn new skills
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Do a bit of research. People don’t stop learning when they leave school.

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